Wee are very proud to be partnering with BallHockey.com in St. Catharines to bring you the WeeStreem Game of the Week.  Every week (full schedule below), wee will be live streaming one of the games at the B.A.C., and then replaying the game on the BIG SCREEN in The Bar Upstairs right after.  This is exciting for parents, kids, coaches & players who get to have their game streamed, recorded & produced professionally.  If your team is interested in having WeeStreem broadcast/record your next game, please get in contact with us – info@weestreem.com.  Wee are local and our prices are remarkably affordable:

B.A.C. Team Special – $10/player

Sponsorship Special – $300 (includes company logo)

Our first game is tonight (Sept. 26th) at 5:30pm as The Seahawks play The Bears in a Youth Age 10-13 showdown!  Enjoy!

WeeStreem Game of the Week Schedule:

Monday, Sept 26 – 5:30pm Seahawks v Bears – 10-13
Wednesday, Sept 28 6:30pm – Wolverines v Reacharounds – Originals
Thursday, October 6 8:30pm – Flames v Niagara Pirhanas – B
Wednesday, October 12 5:30pm – Jaguars v Dolphins – 6-9
Thursday, October 20th 5:30pm – Steelers v Raiders – 14-17
Sunday, October 30th – 10:00am Dolphins v Patriots – 6-9
Sunday, October 30th – 11:00am Bears v Packers – 10-13
Sunday, October 30th – 12:00pm Falcons v Rams – 10-13
Thursday November 10 – 5:30pm Bengals v Titans – 14-17
Wednesday, November 16 – 5:30pm Jaguars v Jets – 6-9
Monday November 21 – 5:30pm Bears v Rams – 10-13