Wee have been friends & fans of David Green’s for a long time.  David is a Niagara-based comic, a HUGE community booster and an all-around good guy .  2 Years ago, David began “Live on Queen”, a late-night-talk-show performed live at Taps on Queen, featuring celebrities, comics & political figures from all across Niagara.  “Live on Queen with David Green” is unique, drew crowds & a dedicated following.  To wrap up Season 2, David is moving down the street to the much larger Seneca Theatre to end things with a bang!  Bigger theatre, bigger bands, bigger laughs, bigger show……….and WeeStreem will be there to broadcast it live, capturing the performance from many angles, all in HD.  Thanks David, and thank you for caring about those who care about you.  Well done David & well deserved.

Check out Live on Queen with David Green here.