The Niagara North Stars asked WeeStreem to go on-ice to capture a coaching clinic with Dave Smith, Assistant Coach with the Canisius College Men’s Hockey Program.  Dave was brought in by NNS to coach-the-coaches………to provide another perspective and offer new drills & approaches.   With WeeStreem’s help, NNS can now watch the video over & over again, for years to come, maximizing the value of bringing Dave Smith in.  It was terrific for me (KJ) to get back on the ice with the North Stars – I was a full-time coach with NNS from 2007-2012, so there were some familiar faces on the ice.

Wee offer a very unique service for NNS, and wee can offer it for you too.  Wee go on-ice to bring you as close to the coaching as you can be, and integrate other cameras to give you full-ice views & create a seamless production.

It was a lot of fun, and wee are looking forward to working with NNS some more.